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Cocktail Shakers
Okoboji Trading Company

Cocktail Shakers

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  • Diameter of cup mouth measuring about 3.15 inches, height about 9.45 inches, which will have the essential cocktail mixing tool at your disposal; And the cocktail shakers feature a round mouth, ensuring that your drinks remain within the shaker during the mixing process, preventing messy spills and leaks
  • Quality Material: the drink shakers cocktail set is crafted from 201 stainless steel including 25 oz, ensuring a quality build that is resistant to wear, tear, and corrosion; The stainless steel also ensures that your cocktail shaker set will maintain its polished look, providing long lasting elegance in your home or professional bar setup
  • Easy to Use: our cocktail mixer comes with a screw in thread style; This feature allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the cocktail shaker, facilitating effortless cleaning and maintenance; The textured style on the top of our cocktail mixer cover and smooth roller stripes provide a nice grip for you, which will give you more comfortable feeling
  • Wide Application: the 25 oz martini shaker is created to fulfill your cocktail making needs; Each shaker is not only a tool but also a symbol of style; And it can be applied in many occasions, such as home, bar, office, home, restaurant, club, picnic, camping and more, which will give you a relaxed feeling in your daily life
  • Ideal for Beginners: the drink shaker is suitable for beginners looking to explore the process of cocktail making; It offers an insulation design keeping the ice intact and allows you to enjoy a refreshing cold drink for hours, showing the process of adding ingredients into your shaker and ensures an effortless, smooth flow when pouring your cocktail, ensuring that you can enjoy the process of crafting your cocktails

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