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Easter Eggstravaganza: Baltic Birch Engraved Egg Coloring Kit
Okoboji Trading Company

Easter Eggstravaganza: Baltic Birch Engraved Egg Coloring Kit

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🐣 Get ready for Easter fun with our enchanting Easter egg coloring kit! 🎨

Transform your Easter eggs into works of art with our premium Baltic birch engraved eggs. Each egg is ready to be adorned with vibrant colors.

Plus, we've included two brushes to help you achieve precise details and stunning effects. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a first-time decorator, our kit has everything you need to make this Easter egg-stra special.

Hop into the Easter spirit and order your kit today! 🌷πŸ₯š

Our kit includes a palette of colorful paints to let your creativity shine. With a rainbow of hues at your fingertips, you can design eggs that are as unique as you are.Β  Let us know if you'd like green or pink grass.

The official term for much of what we produce is "emotional marketing", a business term that simply means these pieces are intended to evoke an emotional response.Β  What does that mean to us?Β  We hope that this is exactly what it does! We hope that you chose a piece, (or we make you a custom product), that brings back a fond memory, pride etc. in short a moment of reflection every time you look at your selection.Β  We strive to remember that much of what we do is specifically intended to elicit this response and we take that seriously.Β  As we attempt to honor our heroes, we contribute a portion of our proceeds to Jared Allen's Wounded Warrior Foundation.Β  To make a contribution to this worthwhile organization go toΒ

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