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Patriotic Elegance: Cherry Wood 3-Person Cribbage Board with Storage"
Okoboji Trading Company

Patriotic Elegance: Cherry Wood 3-Person Cribbage Board with Storage"

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🃏 Elevate your game nights with our Cherry Wood 3-Person Cribbage Board! 🌟


Handcrafted with precision and attention to detail, this stunning board is made from cherry wood, providing a sophisticated backdrop for your cribbage matches.

 Featuring a built-in storage compartment under the lid, you can keep your playing cards and pegs neatly organized and ready for action. The lid is secured with magnets for added convenience and peace of mind.

 Measuring approximately 11x8 inches, this board is perfectly sized for up to three players to enjoy hours of friendly competition.

 As a special touch, the board is laser engraved with "Mount Rushmore State South Dakota" and the Mount Rushmore monument, adding a touch of rustic charm and local flair.

 Whether you're a seasoned cribbage enthusiast or just starting out, our Cherry Wood Cribbage Board is sure to be a cherished addition to your game collection.

 Order now and experience the joy of quality craftsmanship and timeless design! 🃏

The official term for much of what we produce is "emotional marketing", a business term that simply means these pieces are intended to evoke an emotional response.  What does that mean to us?  We hope that this is exactly what it does! We hope that you chose a piece, (or we make you a custom product), that brings back a fond memory, pride etc. in short a moment of reflection every time you look at your selection.  We strive to remember that much of what we do is specifically intended to elicit this response and we take that seriously.  As we attempt to honor our heroes, we contribute a portion of our proceeds to Jared Allen's Wounded Warrior Foundation.  To make a contribution to this worthwhile organization go to

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